Advocates for Latino Student Advancement in Michigan Education, (Alsame), is a non-profit organization that is committed to making college education a reality for Latino students in Michigan.  We seek to bridge the higher education gap for Latino/a students by providing the following: 

  • Serve as a resource to high school and college students in their pursuit of higher education and serve the needs of higher education institutions by attracting prospective Latino students to college and university campuses. 
  • Assist parents, teachers, counselors and administrators by providing information about admissions, financial aid, careers, housing, student services, retention, advocacy and Latino/a student organizations.
  • Address culturally specific needs and special interests of Latino/a students by way of workshop, conferences, and small and large group meetings. 

Please click on the link below for a print out of the latest Alsame brochure:
2023 Alsame Flyer – print and share!