Who We Are

We’ve been around for over 50 years. This is our story: 

A cursory review of the education system in the U.S. reveals that the Latino population continues to lag behind the rest of the population in educational achievement in secondary and post-secondary education regionally and nationally.  As a means of addressing this situation of inequality, a group of Hispanic college admission professionals formed an organization in 1970 to assist in alleviating the problem.  Although this organization, Association of Chicanos in College Admissions (ACCA) had its birth in Michigan, its membership and enthusiasm for innovative programs spread from coast to coast and border to border across the United States.

In March 1980, ACCA experienced a re-birth and renewed enthusiasm and the establishment of the College Recruitment Association for Hispanics (CRAH).  Both organizations have had the same goal in mind: to make college education  a reality for Latino youth in the state of Michigan.

2018 Alsame members hold one of the original College Recruitment Association for Hispanics (CRAH) banners.

In February 1993, CRAH underwent a revitalization and re-grouped to establish Advocates for Latino Student Advancement in Michigan Education (A.L.S.A.M.E.).

Alsame has been active state wide in sponsoring college fairs for Latino students and parents, disseminating information about colleges and universities to students and community agencies, and gathering data which will assist Latino students in their pursuit of higher education.

In addition, Alsame has been a resource not only to educational entities but also to organizations in the non-educational arena interested in the economic and political welfare of Latino students in the state of Michigan.

Alsame is also concerned with the quality of life of Latino/Hispanic students on Michigan college campuses, the large number who do not complete college; and the lack of Latino/Hispanic professionals on the campuses to assist incoming Latino/Hispanic students.


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