Ferris State University to Host 2023 Latino Youth Conference

We are excited to officially announce that Ferris State University (FSU) will host the 2023 Alsame Latino Youth Conference! The conference will take place on Friday, May 12th, in Big Rapids, Michigan, and more details will be shared in the coming weeks. Please save the date and visit our Conference page to learn of ways you can be involved. This will be the third time that Ferris State University hosts this conference.

High school students from all over Michigan are encouraged to attend, and true to Alsame’s mission, there is an emphasis on encouraging Latinx youth to pursue post-secondary education. High school groups will be invited to register, and seats are limited. More details will be shared directly with high school counselors and the community soon.

Students that attend the conference can expect to learn from local, state, and national Latinx leaders. A college and career fair will also be a part of the one-day experience. Topics include college admissions, financial aid, culture & identity, careers, mental health, and many other topics. Check out the 2022 conference recap to learn more about the conference.

During the scholarship ceremony portion of the event, the Alsame Executive Board will be awarding several scholarships to eligible high school seniors, and more information on how students can apply for the scholarships can be found here.

The conference’s college and career fair portion will continue this year, and representatives will be invited sometime within the next two weeks. In 2022, over 30 college, public, and private sector representatives attended the conference and this portion of the conference has become a way for students to engage with representatives from all across the state.

Alsame’s conference planning committee is led by Vanessa Reynolds (Wayne State University) and Salvador Lopez (KConnect). Vanessa, Salvador and the rest of the Alsame Executive Board are incredibly grateful to President Bill Pink and Dr. Bobby Fleischman for enthusiastically agreeing to have Ferris State University serve as this year’s institutional host. Their intentional leadership in partnering with Alsame to bring Latinx students to Big Rapids, Michigan is seen and appreciated.

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