Alsame Represented at the 2018 Latino Youth Conference at GRCC

Board members Florensio Hernandez, Vanessa Reynolds, and Salvador Lopez represented Alsame at the 2018 Latino Youth Conference (LYC) in Grand Rapids. The conference is organized by the Bob & Aleicia Woodrick Center for Equity and Inclusion at Grand Rapids Community College and it draws close to 800 8th graders each year.

The 19th annual Latino Youth Conference’s theme was “The Power of Dreams” (El Poder de Soñar) and it took place at the GRCC Gerald R. Ford Fieldhouse on March 6, 2018. Alsame was honored to have a vendor table at the event. It was a great opportunity for leadership to introduce Alsame to the West Michigan community.


Salvador Lopez (Alsame Communications Manager) also led an identity workshop for two groups of students. The Latino Youth Conference was created to encourage and motivate all youth to strive for educational excellence. Similar to Alsame’s annual conference, the LYC helps students to realize that higher education is a vehicle for a successful future. To learn more about the LYC, click here.


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