Open-Access Report Published by Alsame Co-Chair Promotes Advocacy for Latino Students

In June of 2022, Alsame Vice Chair Michael Guerra, published an open-access report titled, How to Advocate for Michigan Latino Student Advancement by Better Promoting 4-Year Universities.

According to Guerra’s report, in the state of Michigan, taking into consideration the last five years, an average of 44.36% of Latino students matriculate to a 4-year institution at least 6 months after graduating high school as opposed to the 58.68% of White students, the dominant racial group in the state (MI School Data, 2022). Although the college enrollment gap is incrementally closing, Michigan 4-year universities can potentially increase their Latino student enrollment (and further close the gap) by implementing scholarly, peer reviewed communicative outreach strategies. The complete report can be accessed on the following link: Better Promoting 4-Year Universities

from Better Promoting 4-Year Universities Report

Michael Guerra is finalizing a Professional Master of Arts in Social Innovation (PMASI) at Grand Valley State University. This report is part of Guerra’s studies and the program’s focus is to prepare individuals to foster and lead innovation throughout their organizations, businesses, and communities in ways that impact daily operations and strategic goals. At Alsame, and by way of this report, Guerra is doing just that.

Any questions about the report can be directed at Michael Guerra at

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